About RBX

RBX (short for ROTOBOX) introduces a revolutionary new construction of carbon fiber wheels with a radical shape and totally new box like construction. RBX created the newest generation of high performance wheels which will set a new standard of quality, durability and strength and will take the industry to new levels of riding excellence.

Its hallow spokes create air pockets, increasing air volume, improving tire grip and maintaining tire temperature constant. Rotobox construction concentrates most of its mass on the center of the wheel, therefore a smaller moment of inertia and a smaller gyroscopic effect resulting in a machine that wants to turn and invites the motorcycle and its rider to do so with ease in all phases of riding.

The control over the motorcycle is improved dramatically; acceleration and braking becomes much easier, faster and smoother by shaving considerable amount of unsprung weight off the motorcycle. A completely new technology with no seems features dry carbon by joining the hubs with a carbonic base which allows for substantially higher torsic load, changing the way riders look at carbon fiber wheels forever; its safe, yes it’s strong, and yes, we have reinvented the wheel, and we’d invite you to come along for the ride.

Advantages of RBX wheels

RBX wheels are conceptually designed for extreme racing and are compatible with all motorcycle brands. RBX has sophisticated high-technology features and advantages:

  • The lightest
  • Greater volume of compressed air
  • Greater stiffness, because of construction of rotary box
  • Low inertia and low gyroscopic effect
  • Faster acceleration and braking
  • Less unsprung mass of motorcycle
  • Dry carbon tehnology
  • Passed all safety tests jwl (jaso t203-85) and dot
  • Attractive, radical and above all visible design…